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Ahmad A. Hamid, Drexel University, USA

Evaluation and Retrofit of Heritage Masonry Structures

Recently, there is more interest in restoration of heritage and historic structures worldwide. Many historic structures are structurally marginal and some are inadequate for current use. Accumulated effects of aging and deterioration of materials are primary reasons. Loss of life and damage of heritage unreinforced masonry structures due to strong earthquakes has pointed out to the urgent need for seismic mitigation/retrofit. This seminar presents problems that bring on deterioration and damage encountered. Unique features of unreinforced masonry structures and their seismic response will be presented. Documentation, evaluation and assessment and retrofit techniques will be presented. Challenges and research opportunities in restoration of heritage masonry structures are outlined.

Dr. Ahmad Hamid has over 35 years of experience in engineering education and research in higher institutions in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. He taught many undergraduate and graduate courses in behavior, analysis, design and seismic retrofit of concrete and masonry structures. He has Over 30 years of experience as a Professional Engineer and a consultant in North America and the Middle East. He has conducted over 100 investigations dealing with evaluation and assessment, strengthening, rehabilitation and repair of concrete and masonry structures and building envelopes under severe environmental conditions. Dr. Hamid has conducted significant research that has contributed to the state-of-the-art in concrete masonry behavior and design and has resulted in code changes. He is the author or co-author of over 200 papers and technical reports on the behavior, design, and retrofit of masonry structures and a co-author of textbook " Masonry Structures: Behavior and Design". Dr. Hamid received the Scalzi Research Award of The Masonry Society in 2004. He also received the ASTM Allan Yorkdale Award of best masonry paper in 2003 and 2007.