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Figure 1: Location of the ``ideal'' point of a tentative triangle.

Figure 2: Correction of the ideal point due to the surface curvature.

Figure 3: Correction of the size of the ideal element due to the mesh size gradation.

Figure 4: Selection of point .

Figure 5: Location of the ``ideal'' points and of a tentative quadrilateral.

Figure 6: Selection of the base edge for generation of the second triangle.

Figure 7: Mesh schemes for determination of smoothing weights.

Figure 8: a) Merge operations (left), b) swap operations (middle), c) refine operation (right top), d) coarse operation (right middle), e) split operation (right bottom).

Figure 9: Transform operations.

Figure 10: Mesh of a complex planar domain.

Figure 11: Mesh of a torus.

Figure 12: Mesh of a chair.

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Daniel Rypl