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The role of students in the teaching process is more or less passive depending on the teaching style adopted by the teacher. It is therefore beneficial to support the creative work of students during their individual learning. It is a rule of thumb that individual problem solving is the most valuable learning experience which helps to tackle the real-world problems in a creative manner. However, it is still important to provide student with an assistance during the learning process that will guide his/her individual ideas and activities. Note that this assistance may have form of direct contact with the teacher (e.g. in terms of consultancy), or interactively accessible information or both. The classical training session can therefore reduce just to solving conceptual issues, related to the problem under consideration, that are likely to be encountered by the students.

The concept of individual learning has been applied (as the first step) in the field of automatic evaluation of homeworks, for which a WWW-based tool has been developed. During the design of this tool, intention has been focused on the development of an open environment providing opportunity for automatic on-line evaluation of homeworks and for interactive accessing course related materials.

From student point of view, the environment provides an evaluation tool for automatic homeworks checking. When merged together with access to course related materials, it constitutes an electronic workbook, freely accessible via Internet. From teacher point of view, the environment enables flexible choice and assignment of available homeworks in the framework of a particular course. Also tedious work associated with homework checking is significantly reduced by offering the distance evaluation. This load reduction allows to further improve the quality of standard teaching process.

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Daniel Rypl