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Terminal Output

During the runtime, the user is notified about completion of individual phases of the mesh generation, about the number of generated mesh entities, about the nominal profile before and after renumbering (if nodal renumbering was required), about the mesh quality (if quality report was required), and about the time (if running without graphic interface) and memory consumed by the mesh generation (only mesh entities are considered).

The number of mesh entities is provided separately for the total number of mesh entities in the mesh (total) and for the number of the mesh entities in the output of finite element mesh (FE).
The nominal profile is defined as number of entries in the upper triangular part of the connectivity matrix (Laplacian matrix of the mesh graph), which have at least one nonzero entry with the same column index and smaller row index, increased by number of nodes. In the case of quadratic elements, the full connectivity is considered. The nominal profile multiplied by square of degrees of freedom per node can be used to estimate memory requirements for characteristic matrix of the discretized governing differential equation in the finite element analysis.
The quality report depends on the actually used -q option. It usually provides the arithmetic and harmonic means of selected quality quantity, the worst quality, and the distribution of the quality into three quality intervals expressed as the number of elements falling into each interval and corresponding percentage of the total number of elements. If required, a more detailed quality distribution is generated.

An example of terminal output follows:

T3D - Triangulation of 3D Domains
Copyright: Daniel Rypl, 1995-2002

t3d -i -o wheel.out -d 10 -r 1 

Program started          22:37:40
Options analyzed         22:37:40
Input data analyzed      22:37:40
Octree built             22:37:41
Vertices discretized     22:37:41
Curves discretized       22:37:41
Surfaces discretized     22:37:44
Regions discretized      22:38:43
Renumbering completed    22:38:57
Discretization done      22:38:57
Output data printed      22:39:04
Program finished         22:39:04

Number of nodes:       24152 (FE)     24152 (total)
Number of edges:           0 (FE)    146765 (total)
Number of trias:           0 (FE)    236178 (total)
Number of tetras:     113570 (FE)    113570 (total)

Nominal profile:   177202188 (old)    6220933 (new)

Tetras quality:    97576 : (1.000 - 0.750)  85.92 %
                   15876 : (0.750 - 0.500)  13.98 %
                     118 : (0.500 - 0.000)   0.10 %
                 0.85494 - arithmetic mean quality
                 0.84231 - harmonic mean quality
                 0.27004 - worst tetra quality

Real time consumed          84.27 sec
Memory consumed             37272 kB

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Daniel Rypl