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Run-Time Visualization

When running T3d with Elixir graphic interface, the bottom menu palette provides the user with all the facilities to control the run of T3d and to visualize the results. There are few useful key bindings


Ctrl a fit all (all drawing windows are affected)
Ctrl p proceed run
Ctrl s stop run
Ctrl x exit (no results will be printed)

Fast viewing

B1 view window (choose two opposite corners)
Ctrl B1 pan view
Ctrl B2 zoom view
Shift B2 fit all (only active drawing window is affected)
Ctrl Shift B1 rotate view
B3 done

Graphics selection

B1 select
Ctrl B1 select by window (choose two opposite corners)
Shift B1 select nearest point
  (confirm by B1 or select next one by Shift B1)
B2 accept selection
B3 reject selection

Handler control

Ctrl B3 suspend handler
B3 resume handler

B1, B2, and B3 stand for left, middle, and right mouse button.

In the case, an error in input data has been detected, the user is interactively asked for starting a graphic interface (to view at least the part of input data which has been successfully parsed). A time out is used to prevent blocking. Note that this is an optional feature and might not be available.

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Daniel Rypl