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Model Input Data Format

The input data consist of a set of keywords and appropriate numeral or literal values associated with them. The first keyword on the line is specific and is obligatory. The order of following keywords is more or less compulsory but must respect some build-in logic. A unique positive identification number has to be assigned to each model entity. This number is then used to reference this model entity. Note that the numbering of model entities of different type is independent. The individual model entities must be ordered in the input file in such a way that any referenced model entity must already exist. Keywords may be typed in upper case, lower case, or mixed case. Everything on a line behind a # sign is treated as a comment. Any number of blank spaces may be used between the keywords and numbers. Empty lines are ignored. Too long lines may be split using the backslash. Note that each part of the splitted line must be marked by the # sign to comment it thoroughly. No further input data formating is required.

Note that some features are enabled or disabled if the source code is compiled with certain directives. Keyword coincide in vertex, curve, surface, patch, or shell specification is relevant only in the case that the code has been compiled with the T3D_COINCIDE directive otherwise it is ignored.

The following notation will be used in the description of input records for individual model entities:
- optional parameter     - logical XOR
- obligatory parameter     - logical OR
- repeated parameter     - number


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Daniel Rypl