AggregPacking project

Generator of random aggregate packings in concrete

AggregPacking is a tool for generation of random particle packing for concrete mesostructure reconstruction. For performance reasons, its core is written in C++. It also provides Python interface for easy scripting, as shown in the following example:
from aggregpacking import *
r = FullerCurveRandomizer(10000,.5,1e-3,16e-3)
hg, cm = CubeHeteroGeometry(50e-3), ConcreteMixture()
hg.aggregType = "Ellipsoid"
hg.placeNumTries = 100000,cm,0.01)

example1 example1
AggregPacking is a free software distributed under GNU LGPL license.
AggregPacking was created with financial support of project SGS14/029/OHK1/1T/11.

Currently implemented features are:
  • aggregate grain shapes:
    • spheres
    • ellipsoids
  • aggregate grading curves:
    • Fuller curve
    • experimental (piecewise linear) curve

See documentation and/or examples for more information.
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