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Jaké mám koeficienty ? Statistika - aneb jak jsem na tom ?

TEST No. 1: will be given on 11.11.2020. Further details will be given the week before.

Example test No. 1 TEST No. 2: will be given on 9.12.2020. It will be an online test with the cameras on. The test will last 90 minutes and will start at 2pm.
You are required to complete HW 1-4 prior to taking the test. Failing this requirement means loosing the option to correct one test prior to taking the exam.

Example test No. 2
CORRECTION OR SUBSTITUTE TEST (only one test can be corrected, all homeworks have to be completed)

Those having less than 17 points from the two tests must complete in addition homeworks No. 7 and 10.

FIRST EXAM optional (all course requirements must be fulfilled - 2 tests, all the homeworks) : 16.12.2020 14-17pm

Further information will be given a in due time. Signing up for the exam must be done through the KOS system.

To be eligible for taking the final exam, you must successfully complete all the homeworks.

  • Examples No 1 can be downloaded here.
  • Examples No 2 can be downloaded here.
  • Examples No 3 can be downloaded here.
  • Lecture notes can be downloaded here.
  • Translated homeworks 1-6 can be downloaded here.
  • Translated homeworks 7-12 can be downloaded here.

  • Literature:
  • William F. Riley and Leroy D. Sturges, Engineering mechanics : statics, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1993, ISBN 0-471-51241-9.

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