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NMM2022 - Conference Nano and Macro Mechanics

September 15, 2022


The conference intended for young researchers focused on the issues of mechanics at nano and macro level.

Main topics of the conference:

  • Testing of building materials at the nano and macro level.
  • Destructive and non-destructive methods for determining the mechanical properties of building materials.
  • Relationship between material parameters at nano and macro level.
  • Use of nanotechnologies in civil engineering.
  • Numerical simulations of behavior of structures and materials.


Invitation to the anniversary 13th annual conference is available also in pdf file.

Conference fee

Within SVK 2022 (SVK 08/22/F1) at CTU in Prague free of charge.


The conference committee will choose the best presentation. The ceremony and prize giving is scheduled at the end of the conference.

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