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The Solid Mechanics Seminar organized by the Department of Mechanics takes place on an irregular basis in the department conference room B366 (in building B of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thákurova 7, Prague 6).

Previous lectures presented in our Solid Mechanics Seminar can be found below.

Other seminar series related to mechanics and mathematics:


Solid Mechanics Seminar 2014



related papers: File:Bartels-Kruzik.pdf, File:Kruzik-Mielke-Roubicek.pdf



  • Pavel Krejčí (Mathematical Institute, AS CR): Matematické modely termomechanických vlastností materiálů s pamětí (in Czech)
  • Lukasz Kaczmarczyk (University of Glasgow, UK): Analysis of concrete fracture, bone remodelling and geometric nonlinearities using hybrid-Trefftz elements
  • Stella Marusin (consultant): Failure of concrete structures caused by chemical reactions of particular elements in concrete
  • Pavel Trtík (EMPA, Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Science and Technology, Dendorf, Swizerland): High-resolution 3D imaging of cement pastes - from the image acquisition to the estimation of material properties
  • Zuzana Dimitrovová (Universidade Nova, Lisbon, Portugal): Dynamic response of structures subjected to moving loads: Applications to high-speed railway lines
  • Zuzana Dimitrovová (Universidade Nova, Lisbon, Portugal): New materials for passive vibration control: Optimization of passive vibration isolators
  • David T. Biggs (Biggs Consulting Engineering, USA): September 11, 2001: The World Trade Center, New York City
  • Zdeněk P. Bažant (Northwestern University, USA): Scaling of probability distribution of quasibrittle structure strength and lifetime based on atomistic fracture mechanics
  • Philippe Zysset (Vienna University of Technology, Austria): Finite element modeling of the human vertebral body: Research and clinical approaches


  • Jiří Plešek (Institute of Thermomechanics, AS CR): Accuracy, stability and mass lumping of serendipity finite elements in wave propagation problems
  • Adnan Ibrahimbegovic (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, France): Multi-scale analysis, identification and design of inelastic heterogeneous materials
  • Zdeněk P. Bažant (Northwestern University, USA): Lessons from excessive long-time deflections and collapse of record-span segmental box girder bridge in Palau
  • Philippe Zysset (Vienna University of Technology, Austria): Nanoindentation of bone tissue


  • Peter Grassl (University of Glasgow, UK): Virtual laboratory for durability of concrete
  • Tomáš Kruml (Institute of Physics of Materials, AS CR): Dislocations in motion
  • Ignacio Carol (Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain): Mesomechanical analysis of concrete
  • Joerg Unger (Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany): Neural networks in a multiscale simulation of concrete
  • Jan Mandel (University of Colorado, Denver, USA): Data assimilation in coupled wildland fire-atmosphere modeling
  • Paulo B. Lourenço (Department of Civil Engineering University of Minho, Portugal): Improving the structural safety of historical masonry buildings: Concepts, recent developments in analysis and applications


  • Roman Lackner (Vienna University of Technology, Austria): Nano- to macromechanics of concrete
  • Zuzana Dimitrovová (Universidade Nova, Lisbon, Portugal): Homogenization of cellular solids
  • Drahomír Novák (Brno University of Technology): Stochastická nelineární analýza betonových konstrukcí
  • Shashank Bishnoi (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland): Vector modelling of cement hydration using uic


  • Claudio Tamagnini (Universita degli Studi di Perugia, Italy): Theory of plasticity with generalized haredening rule for modelling of mechanical and non-mechanical degradation process
  • Philippe Zysset (Vienna University of Technology, Austria): Mechanics of bone tissue revisited from nano to macro
  • Denis Davydov (Perm State University, Russia): Stability of nonlinear viscous sample under uniaxial strain
  • Zdeněk P. Bažant (Northwestern University, USA): Co se můžeme naučit z kolapsu Světového obchodního střediska?
  • Andrzej Zielinski (Politechnika Krakowska, Cracow, Poland): Structural optimization with respect to multi-axial high-cycle fatigue
  • Zdeněk P. Bažant (Northwestern University, USA): Statistical mechanics of safety factors: From nano to macro
  • Vít Šmilauer (Czech Technical University in Prague): Předpověď elastických vlastností cementové pasty, malty a betonu z modelů hydratace



  • Rostislav Chudoba (RWTH Aachen, Germany): Numerické modelování textilního betonu na mikro-, mezo- a makroskopické úrovni