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Academic positions

  • University of Dundee, United Kingdom
Professorship in Civil Engineering
The successful candidate will have an established international research profile and a strong track record in attracting external research funding. While this is primarily a research-focused leadership role, the successful candidate will also contribute to the development and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes and provide service to the national and international academic and professional communities.
Application deadline: 20 April 2014

Postdoctoral positions

  • GeoRessources laboratory, University of Lorraine, France
offers a post-doctoral possition on Hydrodynamics and particle transport modelling in preferential flow, in the research field of Hydrodynamics and Transport Processes. Applications are invited for a 12 months contract to work on the development of original numerical approaches for the study of particle transport in preferential flows.

Industry offers

Academic job servers

A worldwide list of open academic positions at all levels is provided by the AcademicKeys.
A list of open positions in geomechanics and concrete mechanics is maintained by ALERT Geomaterials.