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Welcome to our wiki! This site is maintained by the Department of Mechanics, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague.
All coworkers and students of the department are invited to share information on various activities and resources related to mechanics (teaching, research, applications, consulting, etc.).
The information is arranged according to the following list:

  • Conferences - international and national conferences, symposia and workshops
  • Courses - intensive courses, typically for graduate students
  • Vacancies - open positions in mechanics (e.g. postdocs, researchers, assistant professors)
  • Projects - calls for proposals, list of funding agencies
  • Seminar - program of the solid mechanics seminar organized by the department
  • Meetings - thematic internal meetings focused on research problems solved at the department, organized on an ad-hoc basis
  • Defences - BSc, MSc and PhD theses, habilitations
  • Alumni - our former colleagues (students or coworkers of the department)
  • Literature - recommendations of useful books and papers
  • Software - recommendations of handy software tools
  • Life - social life of the department, various events and activities
  • Links

A special section (in Czech), referred to as the Student's Corner, is intended for undergraduate students (see also the menu on the left).
Electronic teaching aids are collected in our Virtual Laboratory of Mechanics.
An overview of approaching events can be found in the section entitled Current events (see also the menu on the left).
If you have any comments or suggestions, please switch to the Discussion tab (see the top menu with tabs Page / Discussion).
Under construction: Creep of concrete

Important news and announcements

  • Results of Vít Šmilauer presented in the news of Czech Television by the author himself
  • Milan Jirásek has been distinguished as one of Top 1% Reviewers in Engineering by Clarivate Publons
  • At the International Student Contest in Structural Mechanics, the first prize was awarded to Lenka Dohnalová and the third prize to Evžen Korec while Ondřej Faltus received the third prize in Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Winners of the Academician Bazant Contest (student contest in mechanics, 26 April 2018): 1. Evžen Korec, 2. Lenka Dohnalová, 3. Ondřej Faltus.
  • Erasmus+ course on Advanced Master in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions, coordinated at CTU by Petr Kabele, received 2017 European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award in education, training, and awareness-raising category

Recent papers

Here we list five most recent publications of members of our department (author names in boldface). Items are added to the list once published online.

  1. R. Sovják, P. Havlásek, J. Vítek: Long-term behavior of concrete slabs prestressed with CFRP rebars subjected to four-point bending, Construction and Building Materials, online 29 August 2018
  2. L.-M. Czernuschka, R. Wan-Wendner, J. Vorel: Investigation of fracture based on sequentially linear analysis, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, online 15 August 2018
  3. K. Hájková, V. Šmilauer, L. Jendele, J. Červenka: Prediction of reinforcement corrosion due to chloride ingress and its effects on serviceability, Engineering Structures, online 9 August 2018
  4. I. Boumakis, G. Di Luzio, M. Marcon, J. Vorel, R. Wan-Wendner: Discrete element framework for modeling tertiary creep of concrete in tension and compression, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, online 9 July 2018
  5. V. Nežerka, M. Somr, T. Janda, J. Vorel, M. Doškář, J. Antoš, J. Zeman, J. Novák: A jigsaw puzzle metamaterial concept, Composite Structures, online 5 June 2018
  6. V. Nežerka, V. Hrbek, Z. Prošek, M. Somr, P. Tesárek, J. Fládr: Micromechanical characterization and modeling of cement pastes containing waste marble powder, Journal of Cleaner Production, online 4 June 2018