Wang3d4T3d - Preprocessor of 3D Wang Tiles for T3D

Wang3d4t3d processes a given CSG based geometry of three-dimensional Wang Tiles and converts it to a B-rep based description. Wang tiles are assumed exclusively in the shape of a rectangular block (with edges aligned with axes of a Cartesian coordinate system) with ellipsoidal inclusions. The input CSG based geometry does not contain explicit Boolean operations. Instead, just one implicit Boolean operation, defining the matrix as the subtraction between the block and all inclusions having non-empty intersection with the block, and one additional rule, stating that neither two inclusions are allowed to have non-empty intersection, are adopted. The produced B-rep description is in the form of input file for finite element mesh generator T3d with support for Wang tiles.

Developed and maintained by Daniel Rypl.


Current version: 2.0

Source code:   wang3d4t3d.c
User guide:   wang3d4t3d.pdf

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