Milan Jirasek Postdoctoral project on

Regularized Failure Models for Quasibrittle Materials

supervised by Milan Jirásek

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czechia, 2023-2025

Brief description

Many regularized formulations for modeling of fracture have been proposed over the past 30 years, including the increasingly popular phase-field models. Most of these techniques are tailored for tension-dominated failure scenarios. Their reliable extension to general models that can predict failure under general conditions and that are applicable not only to brittle but also to quasibrittle materials is still in its infancy. The proposed project will explore the paths to such extensions and address unresolved issues related to calibration and validation of regularized failure models under general triaxial stress states, effects of boundaries including nonconvex ones, structure and evolution of the localized process zone, regularization of plasticity model with non-associated flow, physical background of nonlocality, micro-macro scale transitions for interacting defects, etc.

Ideal candidate

Holder of a PhD degree in computational mechanics, solid mechanics, structural mechanics, mechanics of materials or a related field, with keen interest in both mathematical and numerical modeling of damage, fracture and failure. Good theoretical background in continuum mechanics, plasticity, fracture and damage mechanics, combined with appropriate programming and visualization skills (C, C++, Python, ParaView, etc.).

Research topics

How to apply

The deadline for applications is 31 August 2023. Please follow the instructions in the official project announcement on Euraxess.

Last update: 23 May 2023