AEM: Advances in the Experiment-Modeling Dialog

Minisymposium organized by

Session I, Friday, 11:00-12:50, lecture hall C219, chaired by S. Roux

11:00-11:30 C. Chateau*, L. Gélébart, M. Bornert, J. Crépin:
Modeling of damage in unidirectional SiC/SiC composites and multi-scale experimental validation (keynote lecture)
11:30-11:50 E. Charkaluk*, R. Seghir, J.F. Witz, P. Dufrénoy:
Thermomechanical couplings in metallic polycrystals: Full-field measurements and thermoplastic simulations
11:50-12:10 R. Estevez*, J. Réthoré:
Identification of a cohesive zone model at the micron scale
12:10-12:30 D. Geoffroy, E. Héripré, J. Crépin, A. Roos*:
Fracture of a gamma-TiAl polycrystal: Model versus experiment
12:30-12:50 J. van Beeck*, J. Neggers, P.J.G. Schreurs, J.P.M. Hoefnagels, M.G.D. Geers:
Quantification of three-dimensional surface deformation using global digital image correlation

Session II, Friday, 14:00-15:30, lecture hall C219, chaired by J. Réthoré

14:00-14:30 J. Leflohic, V. Parpoil, M. Poncelet*, H. Leclerc:
A digital image correlation controlled multiaxial machine to perform mixed mode crack propagation tests (keynote lecture)
14:30-14:50 J.B. Esnault*, V. Doquet, P. Massin:
A three-dimensional analysis of fatigue crack paths in thin sheets
14:50-15:10 A. Tixier*, C. Rospars, F. Dufour, A. Khadour, M. Quiertant, B. Masson:
Numerical modeling to analyse optical fiber measurements along a steel-concrete interface
15:10-15:30 R. Kumpoopong, S. Yindeesuk*, D.A. Kuchma, P. Silarom, B. Ongsuksun, A. Issariyanukula, P. Chupanit:
Crack characteristics in complex D-regions designed using strut-and-tie models in reinforced concrete structures

*Asterisks denote presenting authors.