CIE: Cracking Induced by Environmental Processes

Minisymposium organized by

Session I, Wednesday, 11:00-12:20, lecture hall C223, chaired by G. Hofstetter

11:00-11:20 G. Xotta, K. Willam*, C.E. Majorana, V.A. Salomoni:
A thermo-hygro-mechanical model of concrete deterioration due to alkali-silica reaction
11:20-11:40 R. Esposito*, M.A.N. Hendriks:
Multiscale material model for ASR-affected concrete structures
11:40-12:00 J. Ožbolt, F. Orśanić*, G. Balabanić:
Damage of concrete caused by corrosion of reinforcement: 3D coupled FE model
12:00-12:20 I. Carol*:
Cracking of concrete under environmental processes using zero-thickness interface elements

Session II, Wednesday, 14:00-15:20, lecture hall C223, chaired by K. Willam

14:00-14:20 Y. Theiner, G. Hofstetter*:
Investigation of rehabilitating a deteriorated RC bridge
14:20-14:40 A.J. Lew*, R. Rangarajan, M. Hunsweck, Y. Shen:
Universal meshes for the simulation of hydraulic fractures
14:40-15:00 Z. Zhang*, Z.W. Zhang, H.Y. Liu, H.W. Zhang:
Numerical studies of remanufacture of cracked impeller
15:00-15:20 C.E. Majorana*, V.A. Salomoni, G. Xotta, B. Pomaro, F. Gramegna:
Meso-level modeling of concrete under nuclear radiation

*Asterisks denote presenting authors.