DyF: Dynamic Fracture

Minisymposium organized by

Session I, Thursday, 14:00-15:30, lecture hall C217, chaired by J. Ožbolt

14:00-14:30 A. Combescure*, V. Faucher, F. Caleyron, S. Potapov:
Modelling dynamic fracture of shells filled with fluid (keynote lecture)
14:30-14:50 N. Jacques*, S. Mercier, A. Molinari:
A micromechanical damage model for ductile solids incorporating micro-inertial effects and application to dynamic crack extension
14:50-15:10 A. Serjouei*, R. Chi, I. Sridhar:
Pre-stress effect on the ballistic behaviour of ceramic armor: Numerical approach
15:10-15:30 G. Pál*, F. Kun:
Dimensional crossover in impact fragmentation

Session II, Thursday, 16:20-17:50, lecture hall C217, chaired by A. Combescure

16:20-16:50 J. Ožbolt*, B. Irhan, A. Sharma:
Modelling concrete under high loading rates and impact (keynote lecture)
16:50-17:10 U. Häussler-Combe*, T. Kuehn:
A novel strain rate model for concrete and its influence upon crack energy
17:10-17:30 F.C. Caner*, Z.P. Bažant:
Comminution in concrete at extremely high strain rates
17:30-17:50 Z.P. Bažant*, F.C. Caner:
Dynamic comminution of quasibrittle solids at high-rate shear under impact and analogy with turbulence

Session III, Friday, 11:00-12:30, lecture hall C217, chaired by J. Ožbolt

11:00-11:30 R. Bargellini*, G. Lazzaroni, J.J. Marigo:
An analysis of the unstable propagation in a heterogeneous peeling test (keynote lecture)
11:30-11:50 L. Pereira*, J. Weerheijm, L.J. Sluys:
Dynamic response of concrete - LS-Dyna concrete material models review
11:50-12:10 M. San Martín, V. Pettarín, A.P. Cisilino*:
Finite element modeling of the drop weight impact test of PMMA specimens
12:10-12:30 M.O. Benamer*, Y.T. Feng:
Fracture in reinforced concrete bridge columns under seismic loading

Session IV, Friday, 14:00-15:00, lecture hall C217, chaired by U. Häussler-Combe

14:00-14:20 L. Pillon*:
Experimental observation of dynamic ductile damage development under various triaxiality conditions
14:20-14:40 W. Sumelka*:
Fractional viscoplasticity accounting for isotropic damage
14:40-15:00 S.M. Mousavi*, J. Paavola:
Elastodynamic antiplane analysis of cracked graded piezoelectric layer via DDT

*Asterisks denote presenting authors.