IAV: Industrial Applications and Validation of Fracture Models

Minisymposium organized by

Session I, Thursday, 11:00-12:30, lecture hall C219, chaired by F. Suárez

11:00-11:30 J. Mazars*, S. Grange, F. Hamon, M. De Biaso:
Seismic analysis of RC structures using damage model and simplified modelling (keynote lecture)
11:30-11:50 J.A. Alonso*, E. Reyes, J.C. Gálvez:
Finite element simulation of sandwich panels of laminated plaster and rockwool under mixed mode fracture
11:50-12:10 J.P.-H. Belnoue*, S.R. Hallett:
Fracture modelling of adhesive bonds subjected to multiaxial loading
12:10-12:30 J.C. Gálvez*, S. Guzman, J.M. Sancho:
Cover cracking of the reinforced concrete due to rebar corrosion induced by chloride penetration

Session II, Thursday, 14:00-15:50, lecture hall C219, chaired by J. Mazars

14:00-14:30 F. Suárez*, J.C. Gálvez, J.M. Atienza, D.A. Cendón, M. Elices:
Experimental validation of a fracture model for pearlitic steel bars based on the cohesive zone model (keynote lecture)
14:30-14:50 U. Häussler-Combe, J. Hartig, J. Weselek*:
Stochastic crack formation in reinforced concrete tension bars
14:50-15:10 C. Soyarslan, K. Isik*, A.E. Tekkaya:
Modeling anisotropic ductile damage in sheet metal forming
15:10-15:30 W. Dang*, P. Jousset, M. Rachik:
A detailed modeling for fracture simulation of spot welds in advanced high strength steel DP600
15:30-15:50 M. Michaeli, F. Assous*:
Nitsche type method for handling the interface conditions in equations of elasticity

Session III, Thursday, 16:20-17:20, lecture hall C219, chaired by J.C. Gálvez

16:20-16:40 B. Zheng, H.D. Yu*, S.H. Li:
Correlation of the evolution of cracks of 7075-T651 and surface integrity caused by various machining manufacture processes
16:40-17:00 Z. Zhang*, T. Sornsuwan, W. Li, M.V. Swain, Q. Li:
Influence of marginal thickness and convergence angle of taper abutment on resin-bonded-glass models
17:00-17:20 O. Soto*, J. Baum, R. Löhner:
Improvement in the fracture numerical simulation for coupled CFD/CSD blast and impact problems by using inter-element stabilization

*Asterisks denote presenting authors.