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Monika Grusova, University of Bath, UK

Lifetime extension of reinforced concrete slab-on-beam structures

Strengthening deficient reinforced concrete structures with fibre-reinforced polymeric (FRP) materials is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The most common strengthening solution is using externally bonded carbon FRP (CFRP) sheets applied to the web of the beam where the web is fully accessible. This method, now used for over 20 years in practice, was developed by a chemist and tested on small rectangular lab scale specimens. Therefore, its applicability for large slab-on-beam structures, deemed deficient according to current codes of practice, had to be verified in real-life situations. This presentation will introduce the state of current research into assessment and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures in the UK. Furthermore, Monika will talk about the experimental aspect of her research at a leading UK university and share her insights from mechanical testing full-scale T-beams strengthened with FRPs.