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Christian Artelt, HeidelbergCement AG, Germany

Core business and key activities in the field of R&D

The presentation provides an introduction to the HeidelbergCement Group and its R&D activities in the field of added value products and composite cements. HeidelbergCement is a leading construction material producer with core business focussing on aggregates, cement and down-stream activities, in particular ready mixed concrete. HeidelbergCement holds a particular strong position in aggregates and ready mixed concrete in mature markets and focuses on further increasing its cement production capacities in growth markets. HeidelbergCement currently employs more than 50 000 people in more than 40 countries at approximately 2500 locations. The responsibility for managing the Group’s R&D activities is centralised at HeidelbergCement’s Technology Center (HTC) located in Leimen (near Heidelberg), Germany. Developing value added products (VAPs) for our customers and environmentally friendly composite cements are two key concerns of HeidelbergCement’s current R&D activities. Recently developed VAPs include special cement types such TioCem and ChronoCem. These cements are characterised by special properties, namely photocatalytic activity and excellent rapid strength gain. CemFlow, a self-levelling floor screed, is another important VAP allowing fast and easy placement. Activities in the field of composite cements include lowering the product related carbon footprint through reducing the clinker contents. A new approach on the raw material site enabled the successful development and market introduction of Portland Dolomite cement. In this context, thermodynamic modelling was proven to be valuable tool for generating in-depth understanding of cement hydration.