Department of Mechanics: Seminar: Abstract Wang tile seminar

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At this informal meeting, we will introduce our current results on modelling of heterogeneous materials by stochastic Wang tiling. The following topics will be covered:

  • Jan Novák: Opening comments
  • Jan Zeman: Wang tilings, background and applications
A brief overview to Wang tilings, Wang tilings in contemporary science, stochastic tiling synthesis, generalization of the PUC concept.
  • Anna Kučerová: Optimizing tile set morphologies
Designing the tile set monodisperse microstructures and local stress field patterns by making use of optimization techniques.
  • Martin Doškář: Tile set morphologies based on image analysis
Direct design of real world tile set microstructures from representative samples via image quilting algorithms.
  • Lukáš Zrůbek: Local field patterns by means of extended Wang tile sets
Nonlocal solution to local stress field approximation functions by means of extended Wang tile sets. Discussion on efficiency and accuracy, comparison with optimization-based results.
  • Jan Sýkora: GPU-HPC computing of Lineal path function
Efficient computing of Lineal path function in parallel, high performance, Nvidia's GPU-CUDA environment.
  • Jan Novák: Closing comments