PyT3D project

Python preprocessor for T3D, a three-dimensional sequential mesh generator

T3D is a powerfull mesh generator capable to discretize complex 3D domains into triangular and tetrahedral meshes of high quality. However, it uses text input files, which might be tedious and difficult to create manually, especially for complex geometries. PyT3D is a Python module to simplify the process:
v,c,s,r = sphere(Vector3(-1,-1,-1),1)
base = '/tmp/testt3d3'
iName,oName = base+'.in',base+'.out'
example example
PyT3D is a free software distributed under GNU LGPL license.

Currently implemented features are:
  • Mirrored most of T3D input specifications;
  • Automatic order checking of 2D and 3D bounding entities (e.g. curves of patch)
  • Functions to test/find neihboring entities
  • Simplification of:
    • boxes;
    • spheres;
    • polyhedrons;
  • ...

See documentation and/or examples for more information.
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