CDP: Cyclic damage processes in concrete

Minisymposium organized by

Session I, Wednesday, 14:00-15:40, lecture room C223, chaired by J. Storm

14:00-14:40 F. Aldakheel*, N. Noii, M. Haist, L. Lohaus, P. Wriggers:
Fatigue failure mechanism for concrete in fully saturated porous media (keynote lecture)
14:40-15:00 D. Zhao*, M. Kaliske:
Mixed-mode fracture simulation by the phase-field method
15:00-15:20 M. Pise*, G. Gebuhr, D. Brands, S. Anders, J. Schröder:
Phase-field modeling of failure behavior of reinforced high performance concretes at low cycle fatigue
15:20-15:40 V. Gudzulic*, K. Daadouch, G. Meschke:
Mesoscale modeling of high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete under monotonic and cyclic loading

Session II, Wednesday, 16:00-18:00, lecture room C223, chaired by F. Aldakheel

16:00-16:20 R. Chudoba*, M. Aguilar, A. Baktheer, H. Becks, M. Classen, M. Vořechovský:
Concrete fatigue modeling and experimental characterization based on inter-aggregate cumulative sliding hypothesis of degradation
16:20-16:40 H. Madadi*, H. Steeb:
High-frequency fatigue experiment using dynamic mechanical testing (DMT) and in-parallel extraction of complex mechanical properties using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)
16:40-17:00 J. Heinzmann*, P. Carrara, L. De Lorenzis:
An adaptive cycle-jump method to accelerate phase-field computations of fatigue
17:00-17:20 M. Hammad*, U. Nackenhorst:
Eigenstress-based anisotropic damage modelling of concrete at the meso-scale
17:20-17:40 P. Havlásek*, A. Kučerová:
Identifying the extent of shrinkage-induced surface cracking from the time-dependent deflections of concrete beams exposed to symmetric and non-symmetric drying
17:40-18:00 B.F. Dongmo*, G. Mazzucco, B. Pomaro, J. Zhang, C. E. Maiorana, V. Salomoni:
A three-dimensional constitutive model for low- and high-cycle fatigue behavior of concrete at the meso-scale

*Asterisks denote presenting authors.