DDF: Data, damage and fracture

Minisymposium organized by

Session I, Wednesday, 11:00-12:40, lecture room C223, chaired by P. Carrara

11:00-11:20 O. Allix*, F. Chinesta, F. Hild:
Experimental mechanics and fracture: Toward a big data approach?
11:20-11:40 I. Hamadouche*, D.M. Seyedi, F. Hild:
Multiscale and multiview digital image correlation for damage detection and quantification
11:40-12:00 A. Mishra*, P. Carrara, M. Griffa, L. De Lorenzis:
Modeling the cracking behavior of concrete at the mesoscale
12:00-12:20 S. Mpho Motsaa, G. Stavroulakis, G. Drosopoulos*:
Investigation of the response of masonry arches using data-driven structural analysis
12:20-12:40 A. Quintin*, T. Petit, R. Chocat, C. Mattrand, J.-M. Bourinet:
Uncertainty quantification of the reference temperature T0 of reactor pressure vessel steel with experimental and numerical computation of fracture toughness tests

Session II, Thursday, 11:00-12:40, lecture room C204, chaired by O. Allix

11:00-11:20 J. Yvonnet*, Q.-C. He, P. Li:
Data-driven multi-scale modelling of anisotropic fracture-induced damage
11:20-11:40 P. Carrara*, M. Ortiz, L. De Lorenzis:
Model-free data-driven fracture mechanics
11:40-12:00 E. Baranger*, G. Landron:
Approximation and definition of state variables for a comprehensive description of damage
12:00-12:20 J. Selvaraj*, S.R. Hallett:
Adaptive and variable model order reduction for damage modelling using explicit time integration
12:20-12:40 V. Kamasamudram*, L. Stainier:
Lipschitz regularization for data-driven computational damage mechanics

Session III, Friday, 14:00-15:40, lecture room C221, chaired by E. Baranger

14:00-14:20 M. Manav*, R. Molinaro, S. Mishra, L. De Lorenzis:
Phase-field fracture modeling using physics-informed deep learning
14:20-14:40 A. Harandi*, S. Rezaei, A. Moeineddin, T. Brepols, S. Reese:
Phase-field fracture model solved by a mixed formulation for physics-informed neural networks
14:40-15:00 M. Alves Maia*, N. Kovacs, I.B.C.M. Rocha, F. P. van der Meer:
Physically recurrent neural networks for homogenization of path-dependent heterogeneous materials
15:00-15:40 General discussion (moderated by P. Carrara, O. Allix)