EFE: Enriched Finite Element Formulations to Capture Cracks, Material Interfaces and Multiscale Phenomena

Minisymposium organized by

Session I, Wednesday, 11:00-12:50, lecture hall C217, chaired by J. Alfaiate

11:00-11:30 M. Holl*, S. Loehnert, P. Wriggers, M. Nicolaus:
Three-dimensional crack propagation in ductile media using the XFEM (keynote lecture)
11:30-11:50 S. Müller*, M. Kästner, V. Ulbricht:
3D XFEM modeling of composite failure combining discrete and diffuse damage
11:50-12:10 A. Karamnejad, V.P. Nguyen, L.J. Sluys*:
Modelling crack propagation in heterogeneous materials using a computational homogenization method
12:10-12:30 J. Retama*, G. Ayala:
Reinforced concrete modelling using enriched finite elements
12:30-12:50 C. Fernandes, D. Dias-da-Costa*, J. Alfaiate, E. Júlio:
Simulation of steel fibre reinforced concrete behaviour using discrete crack approach

Session II, Wednesday, 14:00-15:50, lecture hall C217, chaired by L.J. Sluys

14:00-14:30 M. Fagerström*, S. Mostofizadeh, R. Larsson:
Subscale enrichment of discontinuity for XFEM crack tip element (keynote lecture)
14:30-14:50 G. Juárez-Luna*, G. Ayala:
Mixed finite elements with prescribed primary and secondary variables
14:50-15:10 S. Valente*, A. Alberto:
Cohesive-frictional crack model applied to dam-foundation joint
15:10-15:30 J. Alfaiate*, D. Dias-da-Costa, C.I. Almeida Paulo, L.J. Sluys:
On the use of discontinuous damage models for mixed-mode fracture
15:30-15:50 C.D. Foster*, D.A. Weed:
Enhanced finite element modeling of earthen structural materials with weak interfaces

Session III, Thursday, 11:00-12:50, lecture hall C217, chaired by D. Dias da Costa

11:00-11:30 E. Benvenuti*, G. Ventura, N. Ponara, A. Tralli:
Three-dimensional modelling of embedded coated spherical inclusions through a regularized XFEM approach (keynote lecture)
11:30-11:50 B. Vandoren*, K. De Proft, A. Simone, L.J. Sluys:
A constrained LArge Time INcrement method for modelling quasi-brittle failure
11:50-12:10 P. Neto*, J. Alfaiate, J. Vinagre:
Three-dimensional modelling of the concrete-CFRP bond behaviour
12:10-12:30 S. Loehnert*:
A stabilization technique for the extended finite element simulation of arbitrary crack geometries in 3D
12:30-12:50 H.S.D. de Argôlo*, S.P.B. Proença:
Generalized finite element method and the splitting method as a framework for multiple site damage

*Asterisks denote presenting authors.