FCM: Failure in Composite Materials Through the Length Scales

Minisymposium organized by

Session I, Wednesday, 11:00-12:50, lecture hall C219, chaired by J. Remmers

11:00-11:30 F.P. van der Meer*, L.J. Sluys:
The influence of friction and plasticity on mode II delamination fracture toughness (keynote lecture)
11:30-11:50 D. Leguillon*, E. Martin, Z. Aboura:
Intermittent crack growth along the interface in a woven composite
11:50-12:10 M.F. Pernice*, L.F. Kawashita, S.R. Hallett:
Modelling of delamination migration in DCB test on multidirectional composite laminates
12:10-12:30 A. Piccolroaz*, L. Morini, G. Mishuris, E. Radi:
Integral identities for a semi-infinite interfacial crack in 2D and 3D elasticity
12:30-12:50 G. Alfano*, M. Musto:
A rate-dependent cohesive-zone model capturing stick-slip crack propagation

Session II, Wednesday, 14:00-15:30, lecture hall C219, chaired by P.P. Camanho

14:00-14:30 H.E. Pettermann*, J. Gager, M. Meindlhumer, M. Schwab:
Damage evolution predictions in large laminated composite structures (keynote lecture)
14:30-14:50 F.D. Morinière*, R.C. Alderliesten, R. Benedictus:
Analytical and numerical modeling of the impact behaviour of fibre-metal laminates
14:50-15:10 H. Yazdani Nezhad, C.T. McCarthy*, F. Merwick, R. M. Frizzell:
Study of impact damage response of fibre-reinforced polymer composites
15:10-15:30 A. Forghani, L. Bindeman, R. Vaziri*:
Numerical simulation of damage in laminated composite structures under lateral impact

Session III, Wednesday, 16:10-17:50, lecture hall C219, chaired by S. Hallett

16:10-16:30 P.P. Camanho*, M.A. Bessa, G. Catalanotti, M. Vogler:
A plastic smeared crack model for polymer-matrix composites
16:30-16:50 D.F. Mora*, C. González, C.S. Lopes:
Computational micromechanical model of ply failure: Matrix cracking, delamination and crack density
16:50-17:10 E. Baranger*, J. Lopez, O. Allix, N. Feld, J.-M. Guimard, C. Ha Minh:
Multiscale modeling of kinking in CFRPs: Validation and competition between damage mechanisms
17:10-17:30 J. Reinoso*, A. Blázquez, A. Estefani, F. París, J. Cañas:
Global-local numerical characterization of damage tolerance of a composite runout specimen subjected to tensile loading conditions
17:30-17:50 A.V. Zaitsev*, A.V. Kislitsyn, V.S. Koksharov, Yu.V. Sokolkin:
Computational models for the description of multi-particle interactions in random structures, meso- and macrofailure of unidirectional fibre-reinforced composites

*Asterisks denote presenting authors.