FFM: Finite fracture mechanics: Models and applications

Minisymposium organized by

Session I, Thursday, 16:00-17:40, lecture room C217, chaired by A. Sapora

16:00-16:40 A. Doitrand*, D. Leguillon, G. Molnar, V. Lazarus:
New insight into crack front segmentation into facets under mixed mode I+III loading: The role of T-stress and mode-dependent fracture properties (keynote lecture)
16:40-17:00 I.G. García*, M.T. Aranda, A. Quintanas-Corominas, J. Reinoso:
Crack impinging a curved weak interface: Competition between deflection and penetration
17:00-17:20 A.S. Karthik*, V. Mantic, M. Paggi, M. Munoz Reja, L. Tavara:
Finite element implementation of the coupled criterion based on the principle of minimum total energy subjected to a stress condition to predict crack onset and growth
17:20-17:40 M. A. Herrera-Garrido*, V. Mantič:
A new computational procedure for singularity analysis of interface cracks with frictional contact in anisotropic bimaterials

Session II, Friday, 11:00-12:40, lecture room C217, chaired by I. García

11:00-11:20 D. Leguillon*, T. Lube, R. Bermejo:
Failure of notched zirconia specimens under residual stress
11:20-11:40 J. L. Guzmán, V. Mantič*, L. Távara, M. Muñoz-Reja:
FEM implementation of the minimization of the total energy subjected to a stress condition to predict delaminations in ILTS tests
11:40-12:00 S. Jiménez-Alfaro*, D. Leguillon:
Modelling of glass matrix composites by the coupled criterion and the matched asymptotic approach: The effect of residual stresses and the volume fraction
12:00-12:20 A. M. Mirzaei*, P. Cornetti, A. Sapora:
A model based on finite fracture mechanics to predict the fatigue lifetime of notched components
12:20-12:40 A. Chao Correas*, A. Sapora, J. Reinoso, M. Corrado, P. Cornetti:
Finite fracture mechanics versus phase field models of fracture: A case study on the crack onset from circular holes under biaxial loadings

Session III, Friday, 14:00-15:00, lecture room C217, chaired by D. Leguillon

14:00-14:20 T. Duminy*, A. Doitrand, S. Meille:
Influence of elastic and fracture anisotropy on architectured materials using coupled criterion and matched asymptotic approach
14:20-14:40 M. Rettl*, M. Pletz, C. Schuecker:
Crack initiation from arbitrary 2d notches: Efficient multi-scale models using the finite fracture mechanics concept
14:40-15:00 F. Ferrian*, A. Chao Correas, P. Cornetti, A. Sapora:
Finite fracture mechanics: Size effects on spheroidal voids and corrosion pits

*Asterisks denote presenting authors.