Operation modes

The MIDAS operatin mode is determined by the first command line argument. The argument has following format -OM_*.

Design -> Solver (-OM_design2solver)

The data flows from the designer to the structural engineer in this mode.

The geometrical model of the designed construction is provided with additional information necessary for numerical analysis, here e.g. cross-sectional characteristics, material, applied loads. The prescribe modifications can be performed within the convertion process. Resulting data are printed into input file to specified FEM package.

Solver -> Design (-OM_solver2design)

The data flows from the structural engineer to the designer in this mode.

Both input and output file to/from structural analysis software is given as input to MIDAS. Output data from the analysis are modified as required and written to output file of specified format.

Design -> Solver -> Design (-OM_design2design)

The data flows from the designer back to the designer.

Operations from the mode -OM_design2solver are performed. The resulting construction is analyzed by specified FEM package. Output data are processed as described in mode -OM_solver2design.

Konvertor (-OM_convert)

The data are converted to specified format without any editation of the construction.