Research projects results

Project "Numerical modelling and laboraory characterisation of bentonite barrier in radioactive waste repositories in Czech Republic" (No. TK01010063) suported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

An open source finite element (FE) computer code designed to Thermo-hygro-mechanical analyses of bentonite materials used in engineered bariers for nuclear waste storage.

Project "Engineered Barrier 200C" (No. TK01030031) suported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Numerical Thermo-Hygro-Mechanical model of Engineered Barrier heated up to 200 deg. C.

Problems Based on Homogenization.

Mechanical and transport problems based on multi-level homogenization in combination with parallel computing. Examples were solved in the scope of two projects supported by the Czech Science Foundation - project No. 18-24867S, Multi-scale modelling of mechanical properties of heterogeneous material and structures on PC clusters, and project No. 15-17615S, Parallel computing for multi-scale modelling of heterogeneous materials and structures.