This page contains links to the programs used for FE mesh preparation, preprocessing of the input files and result postprocessing.

Mesh generators, mesh editing tools

T3D mesh generator is a powerful mesh generator capable to discretize complex 3D domains into triangular and tetrahedral meshes of high quality.

MeshEditor - graphical tool for the displaying of FE meshes in SIFEL or GiD formats. There is possibility to select group of nodes, edges, surfaces and elements, assign them property number that can be referred in the MEFEL and TRFEL text preprocessors

MESHDECOMP is a tool used for the mesh partitioning.

CONVERTOR converts mesh files among the T3D, SIFEL and GiD formats.

CONNECTMESHES is used for the connection of several meshes into one mesh with the glued numbering.

GENBRIDGE generates input file of the bridge model for T3D mesh generator.

Our short manual for T3D - several tips how to work with T3D mesh generator.

Pre and Post Processing

GiD - The Personal Pre and Post Processor from CIMNE. All SIFEL modules can export results in the GiD format for the postprocessing. There is also beta version of SIFEL GiD preprocessor module for the input file preparation.

ParaView - an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application. All SIFEL modules can export results in the VTK format for the postprocessing.

GiD plugin module for creation of SIFEL input files within the GiD environment. <Installation...>

OpenDX is a uniquely powerful, full-featured software package for the visualization of scientific, engineering and analytical data.