Getting started

The SIFEL represents package of individual programs, libraries and tools that are distributed in one package of source files which must be compiled at the beginning. After compilation of the module/modules, one must prepare input files for the given problem and run the corresponding module to compute the problem. There are several tools which help with input file preparation. After the finishing of calculations, three types of output files can be obtained and postprocessed.

If the user would not find suitable element, material model or solver, there is also possibility to write the required part by himself. From the beginnings, the SIFEL code was designed for the maximum extensibility and only reduced set of C++ features are exploited because the users are expected to be experts in the numerical or material modelling with limited programming skills in C++.

Installation - instructions for downloading and installation of SIFEL package.

Preparation of input files - description of several ways for the preparation of input files.

Running of analyses, result postprocessing - description how to run your analyses and possibilities of result output postprocessing.

Extension of the code - short introduction to the code extension, basic principles and notations used in the source codes.