Welcome to the collection of interactive examles of structural mechanics.

There are a number of interactive tools under links in the left menu. By modification of certain parameters you can practise your engineering feeling and knowledge. With mouse, you can move most of the red parts of the pictures (with "drag and drop" style) - usually position of supports, structure dimensions, load magnitude can be modified or stiffness, temperature etc. can be set by sliders. After modification, you can immediately see the structure response. Examples are categorized according to subjects of the Department of mechanics, FCE, CTU:
  • SM2 - structural mechanics 2,
  • SM3 - structural mechanics 3,
  • TELA - theory of elasticity,
  • PPMA - ineastic analysis of materials,
  • NAS - numerical analysis of structures.

I recommend to use Google Chrome browser, although with other browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer) everything should work properly. Some problems may occur with older versions of Internet Explorer browser and something (despite all efforts of compatibility) may be displayed improperly.
Important contexts of structural mechanics are highlighted for each example.

Pages were created with the help of JavaScript vector graphics library Raphaël and extendig library JSMech.

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