Behavior of basic elasto-plastic models.

What can be modified:
  • model itself,
  • type of loading - force or strain control,
  • prescribed value (force, strain).
  • when changing the model, the simulation is reset,
  • when changing the control, the simulation is paused (press ▶ button to continue),
  • to preserve reasonable graphic representation, the extreme values of strain are artificially constrained. If such extreme strain value is reached, the strain does not change (regardless used control).
  • stress in the spring depends only on current strain (and vice versa),
  • strain in the plastic element can change if and only if the stress in the plastic element equals the limit value,
  • stress of combined models depends in general on strain and history of loading,
  • in general, strain may be nonzero even if stress is zero,
  • in general, stress may be nonzero even if strain is zero,
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