CemBase - cement database from Nanocem

The database CemBase has been developed since 2012 during a core project 10 within Nanocem consortium. It contains microstructure characterization of ordinary and blended cement pastes and some mortars, often complemented with compressive strength and elastic moduli. At a glance, CemBase covers The overall picture for compressive strength data is below; it shows clinker replacement in tangential direction and compressive strength in radial direction. Red marks signalize data from core project 10.

CemBase as an Excel spreadsheet

Output from CemBase can be carried out as an Excel spreadsheet - download the latest version from 2016-10-20. It contains several duplicities in rows due to postgreSQL's join of tables. However, this output is easy-to-use with standard excel functionality for sorting, plotting etc.

CemBase as a postgreSQL database

The current version of CemBase is postgreSQL 9.3. It can be installed on a postgreSQL server - download the latest version from 2016-10-20. The structure of the CemBase comprises of mutually interconnected tables; tbl_references, tbl_material, tbl_type_mat, tbl_mixture, tbl_mechtest. More description is in the following figure.

In order to clone CemBase on a local postgreSQL server, one needs to You may check that the database works by issuing commands such as
$ sudo -i -u postgres psql -d Blends
$ \d tbl_material
It is possible to read/write using a graphical pgAdmin tool. Alternatively, a python psycopg2 module is very handy for read/write access and for executing postgreSQL's commands, e.g.
import psycopg2
import psycopg2.extras
import base64
con = psycopg2.connect(user=userName, host=hostName, database="Blends", password=pw)
cur = con.cursor(cursor_factory=psycopg2.extras.DictCursor)
cur.execute("""SELECT compr_str, w_b, age_mechtest FROM tbl_mixture INNER JOIN tbl_mechtest ON mixture_id=mixture_id_mechtest ORDER BY compr_str""")

Acknowledgement and citing

The database is provided as it is. You may use data from the database once you acknowledge origial data source (from CemBase etries under author, title, journal, year), or cite the article
M. Hlobil, V. Šmilauer, G. Chanvillard: Micromechanical multiscale fracture model for compressive strength of blended cement pastes. Cement and Concrete Research. 2016, vol. 83, p. 188-202
and acknowledge Nanocem consortium.